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Thursday, February 15, 2018


has seem to sweep right by my how time changes and takes us into a new year and new beginnings....which I try to keep the endings close to heart.....but cherish the new beginnings....after all......if we are allowed new beginnings.....we need to except them, breathe deep and run with them.
As all of you have experienced.....loss has been a part of my 2017. My beloved little Bentley died in September...only a few days away from his tenth birthday. He was such a sweet, dear soul.....I had to make the decision to allow him over the bridge....was the hardest thing to do ever.....but he needed to be out of pain and at peace....I have missed him so.
My mother who was 85 fell and was in ICU for several days and I was so tired after dealing with this, which was my own fault......just spent a lot of time there and did not take care of myself, came home and slipped and fell in my home that weekend and broke my hip. But had a wonderful surgeon and am feeling great days after surgery. Truly, I’ll be riding bikes and walking as soon as the weather breaks.....I have a sweet hubby, he stayed with me for a week after I got released from the hospital.
My mother died of the complications of her fall on December 14th. I had just spent time with her at rehab and we laughed, had a few tears of frustration on her part and had just left her when I had gotten home and they asked me to return. 
She died peacefully and quickly and that is what she would have wanted.....she was just getting into Alzheimer’s. So although it was a hard time for me, for her and myself, her wish had come true. We should all be so lucky, I was truly glad she did not suffer.
When all this was going on.....we chose to get another sweet baby that was being nannied to us from Oregon a week later. Already committed, Brinkley arrived scared to death of everything and everyone. We had the best lap nanny ever.....and he arrived in her arms safe and sound. He’s been a challenge to get to trust us but after him being with me for a week more of recovery and exercising around the house.....he is my constant companion and I adore this little guy. He is mellow and very different from our sweet Bentley.....but he is loved and so cherished. I am soooooo glad we have him.

Christmas went Gbabies had a great time this year....they are 5 and 1/2 and Christmas was way fun. It is amazing how fast they grow but then again so did my daughter. All parents think that. Where does time go in those very early years. Next year kindergarten....whew!

Life is good at the Squires house hold. The hubby continues to work hard but he loves his job and I am forever grateful for that. Brinkley is asleep on my lap as I post and the day is warming up with the brilliance of the sun. I have had the “crud” for about a month but actually today feel quite a bit better.
I would like to leave 2017 behind me.....but I also know that life gives us all kinds of advantages and challenges. My dear friend Donna lost her beloved hubby that when she met at 14 she knew she would marry and they did. Right after she graduated HS. They had been married 41 years and she’s 58. He was a gentle soul and so loved her, told the world he did before he passed. It was so hard to loose him but his legacy lives on in such a gallant way of gentlemanship, of how he loved his wife so much and respected her so much. I was honored to call him a friend.

So life changes quickly around us everyday and it is how we except and go forward with those changes and challenges that make us the person we are. I am blessed by nearly three years being cancer free. I will be creating and leaving things here as I do. Life is settling down and I am ready to be so much more creative. I hope you have found whatever give you passionate and clearness of your days. Laugh, giggle sit down and have a cup of something you love. Enjoy the sun, the upcoming spring and the colors the earth will turn. Be creative, scower Pinterest....LOL and paint some furniture! Be happy and healthy of body, mind and spirit.

Thanks for stopping by......


  1. Such a stressful 2017 for you Jann. May your family and your new fur baby bring you joy and happiness in this new year. Hugs!

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