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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Steampunk Tag Swap

Over on the "Beach" there are so many women and so much talent!
I hosted a swap and will post a video soon on the Steampunk tags that 8 of us did.
I love the tags I have received so far and can not wait to see them all.
Here's mine has a little pocket on the side with the little card and gears. Inside it has a sentiment.....the flower has the black wire that you see on the top for the hanger with the black coils and surrounds the flower along with some black netting....and the typewriter key. (this one just happened to be a "J"...LOL)
The tag behind the dress form is just a regular shipping tag (6X3) and I Glimmer Misted it and distressed it with Walnut Stain ink.....and "speckled" it with water. The tag in the back is the same shipping tag....I just blended the Glimmer Mist and inks a bit more to give it a more "uniform" look. I adhered antique brass ball chain with Glossy Accents. The dress form fits into a little pocket that I cut from BO Bunny paper.

The back has a funky leg that is stamped and the spectacle's are a rub on.

Can't wait to see everyones creations.
Thanks for stopping by.....hope you have enjoyed this beautiful day!

Thursday, May 24, 2012


has to be the coolest thing since cold milk...LOL...well at least for me it is.....;o) I have had a lot of people say...."omgosh, I wasted 2 hours today looking at Pinterest"......and I always think....why do we think of it as a waste?
I have met some incredable people, talented women, in every sence of the way.
It's so much fun to see what everyone posts, pins, comments on and finds to enlighten us all. All the knowledge from removing baked on stains from your cookie sheets, to decorating on a stretched and limited budget to cooking something special for your loved enhancing your cars gas mileage....knowledge, hints, helpfulness, compassion, quotes and affirmations.... it's all there....from ones that care.
So today, I found an incredible photo of a chair. Very French country and very warm in detail and pattern. The Equestrian fabric really won't fit into my decor...but the details of the chair and the cream and black check are right up my alley... look at how comfy and inviting this chair is.....Robin loved this chair as well....she kidded and said she was "drooling"..and I giggled knowing that I was doing the exact same thing...right along with her..... she found a chair very similar at a thrift store that she is going to redo.....and I found myself thinking I can not wait to see what she does with it.

Without us all "thinking" and "finding" and "wondering" about things another might enjoy...or look upon as fabulous or unusual...without posting them or adding them to a blog....what really would our days be like? Sharing ideas and connecting with people that you really have nothing in common with....only to find out...guess really do....someone else enjoys what you do...someone else gives you an idea...someone else shares their findings and creativity with you....that you really had no idea they were even out there.....someone shares their wealth of discovery...their sorrow of fate.
Sure we all have busy lives. Work, families, pets, laundry, homework, new babies, teenagers, soccer games and ballet classes. We are chauffeurs, grocery specialists and councelors for our families but
long live woman who enjoys sharing possibilities of kindred spirits of creating a "nest" for themselves or their families.....and allowing us all to share them and be affected by their generosity to take a few moments of their day and share them with you....with all of us....:o)
I have no idea who Robin is....but through the netwaves and her "finding" the perfect chair.....she and I have shared something this morning....and she enlightened my day...and I am thankful for just that small gesture. She didn't mean it for me but it added pleasure and joy to my great is that.
This holiday calm and restful.....and enjoy whatever you find yourself doing....and share it with those close to you, those that have miles that strectch between you and those that you might not know you yet but await to see what the rest of the world has to offer.....:o)
Be safe my friends......

Thursday, May 17, 2012

My Daughter is having......

Twins....yes you read right.....Twins.....a boy and a girl.....;o)
So here are the invitations....all 40 of them.....:o)

The base was a post card that I purchased on Etsy...which I absolutely LOVED.....but it only had one baby...a "pink" baby....I waited a long time to find out that she would be having a boy and a I copied the post card, cut the pink baby out....and painted the blanket white with acrylic paint. Then I painted the blanket light blue, added a bit of shading.....a few dots....and now we have the stork carrying two....a pink and a blue! Her theme is "shabby chic" so I thought this was the perfect thing for her invites......The surrounding boarder paper is from Kay and Co. Julianne paper pack. I loved the blues and the greens. The faintly striped paper is Reel Me In by TCP Studio. The little corners on the "Twins" matches the green in the floral boarder paper but for some reason it looks grey. All in all I like how they came out.....distressed and shabby........a lot of work but I love the colors and how after much finagling....those babies look right at home...being carried by a vintage stork......:o)

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Class time.....

with my students requesting some "Patriotic" theme layouts.....I love this's definetly red, white and blue...but I muted it with inks and distressed it to make it feel vintage and old.......

The ladies are going to have so much fun in creating these...all that is needed then....are their 4th of July memories.....I love creating something colorful.....but "time worn".......;o)
To all of you and yours that have protected our freedom.....thank you so.....:o)

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

A long and windy May Day.........

brought me to the decision to spend some time in my studio cleaning and when that failed to interest me....I got busy doing cards for Belinda's swap on the Beach....she has hosted a 12 month card swap and this is her last month as its finally reached a year!......Thanks Belinda for doing such an awesome job for so long......she requested that we make our cards this last month for Father's Day....but I think I must have been in a "Steampunk" frame of mind...

I hope you have enjoyed your day!