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Thursday, December 20, 2012

All is bright........

and MME came out with this fabulous aqua, red, tan and cream Christmas line and I LOVED IT!
Of course it has birds on it which makes it even better.....(wink)....and so I added some black....
(what a shocker huh?)....and started what is to be my first class of 2013.....WOW...that was strange to is a 6X12 distressed chipboard mini...and it's going to be so much fun to do!
So little students of mine.....keep "fussy" cutting and I'll see you shortly after the new year.....:o)

Here's a little peek at the cover and a couple of pages.......o)

Tuesday, December 18, 2012


both the chairs are DONE!!!!
They look a bit black and white in this photo but they really aren't. They are tan and black and I am thrilled that they are done.....:o)
Another very happy surprise is that my Annie Sloan Chalk Paint came yesterday
and I can not WAIT to use it and get a table done that I purchased from a repurposed store in Boise last month. I have contemplated about using other paints as it was very hard to find a supplier that was even somewhat close to me and then I found one in Montana that just happen to be waiting to get their shipment from Europe/France and it finally arrived!!!! So excited.....will post soon on the before and after...should be interesting to use...let's hope it is as fantastic as they say it is....:o) Anyone out there using it or has used it, I would appreciate your comments on it....any tricks to the trade?...helpful hints?...
Have the best this Tuesday has to offer......and a warm and joyous week....:o)
Thanks for stopping by.....

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Christmas Coffee table mini ablum tutorial

If you are looking for the tutorial for the Christmas Coffee Table Mini Album on my YouTube channel have come to the right place!!!!! can purchase it here through PAYPAL.

Look to the right of this the button that reads....BUYNOW and it will take you to PAYPAL...where you can find it.....I will EMAIL it to you in PDF form.....very easy to download and has TONS of instructions and GREAT PHOTOS....and if you have any trouble with it at can always email me.....:o)

Thank so much.....Merry Christmas and Happy Scrapping......have safe, warm and cherished holidays!.....Jann