This is where I come to be creative with paper, fabric and design.

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Simple things.......

sometimes make the prettiest impressions.

They add flair and color with their simplicities.

Its so fun when you do with what you have to add flair and accent to your Holiday d├ęcor.

So when you think you need to search for the "perfect" thing to add to your holiday grace and beauty

Think again and out of the box......that always makes your home special and your smile a bit brighter.
                 Have a great holiday.......I hope for you 2017 is a great healthy and happy year.

Friday, December 9, 2016


is something I have always had my hand in.

Sometimes its paper and glue, sometimes its wall paper and paint. Others its draperies and interiors and other times it furniture and carpet, tiles and flooring.

Whatever or wherever it is......I am always lead back to design.

I love the "Classics".....the "Tradional lines and Timeless" styles.
Furniture, bedding, fabrics are usually expensive items for your home and whether or not your styles change throughout your lifetime......which for many of us it does.....keeping the pieces that you love and cherish....are important to we with sentimental hearts.

But sometimes....well I should say many times....(winking) ....I have come across a piece that is totally not mean for what it ends up to be and it THRILLS me to see someone's ingenuity and imagination take off and run wild with something no one else would think of.

These is not my design....but I have a client that has an old sewing machine table her Grammy gave her and she recently passed away. She asked me to please come up with something that would honor her Grandmother and yet not just be "a display piece" for her item.

                                                  THIS IS FABULOUS!

She has a powder room that this would be such a functional piece in and surely  make her Grammy giggle! I have already talked to my "woodman" about making this and ordered the wood to match the front and drawers. I ordered a sink for her today and I will pick her a faucet this next week.

Isn't this just the sweetest way to remember a Grammy who gave her a ton of quilts and sewed them all on this old treadle Singer machine? I have NO idea who designed this....but whomever it may be....I thank you from the bottom of my heart. It is perfect for my sweet client who remembers living with her Grammy and growing up snuggled under a warm and inviting quilt.