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Friday, September 27, 2013


My new camera is talking to my new computer.

Please see my new videos at.......Jann Neiers on YouTube.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

A sweet memory.......

of a dear friend and her Mama.....made me think of doing this fun 5 year Mini. That's right....5 years of photos of memories of my two grandbabies.
When my daughter was younger and "trick or treating" my friend Carolynn and her Mama always took photos of the kids that came to their house to trick or treat every year. And every year after you would go into their garage, all decorated and ready for the "present year" photo....grab your one from the previous year off a big board and take another new one for the next year. My Daughter LOVED going to their house for many years and we ended up with 4 years of photos to remember what fun we had scouring the neighborhood for goodies.....and ending up at their home for treats and hugs.
So this year I decided to do a "5" year mini album to set our own traditions with my new grandbabies.
Its always fun to have bright colors, funny decorations (we stray far from the scary ones) and enjoy yet another season of fall approaching, the crisp air, the shorter days and the changing of colors.
So within this Halloween Mini...I have many places for photos for those 5 years. I am anxious to add this years photos and then bring it out year after year and add to it. I figured in 5 years.....we'll change it up and do something else fun and colorful. But how great will it be to have my sweet babes look back through 5 years of antics and costumes ......I think it will be way fun.
This is a large album filled with different things to hold 4X6, 5X7, and smaller photos as well.
I have taught this class once and will be teaching it again. Hope to see you in class.....we'll have a great time....:o) Please let me know here if you are interested in the class and I'll get back to you with the details.....this class is 6 hours long with a 30 minute lunch break and a couple...."whew! let's take a break" please come prepared to have fun and go home with a completed album!
If I can get my new video camera to talk to my Windows 8 computer....(still working on that....anyone have any hints for me?????).....I'll get a video onto YouTube soon. My YT name is Yorkieyodaldog. Keep checking back....I hope to have it on sometime this week....:o) I'll also be putting out a tutorial for this Mini in a couple weeks....which you'll be able to find here on my blog.

Thank you so for stopping by......and enjoy these beautiful, fall days.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Good morning......

I hope that your day is going as good as mine.
Here's some eye candy to bring a smile to your face......
We really aren't to far from autumn. My very favorite time of year!

Friday, August 16, 2013


I thought this a fitting phrase to how we felt when we arrived at Cannon Beach, Oregon and were swept into the waves and the sunset the moment we arrived.......

I don't ever think I have seen my Husband more relaxed as I did when I captured him in this photo, thus the stamp that I found was fitting to the event.
It was well worth the drive to see him unwind and relax.
We that live among the mountains, are fascinated with the ocean.
So I captured that as we all do.....the sights, smells, the sunset and the waves in this layout.
Pretty simple....but then were the days that we shared at the beach.
Enjoy your weekend and remember something that gives you that restfulness and peace.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Not quite sure.......

if having my jaw wired or my misfortune of not having enough space in our rental to DIY much....or that I can not get my brand new camcorder and computer to recognize each other so I can post my new projects and minis...:o( ......whatever is getting the best of me today I have decided to look at the positive side...........the "jaw" is only temporary....coming out of the wires in January.....the rental will be gone johnson in about three months....(and it is a sweet little place...emphasis on SMALL however...LOL)....and I know that somewhere....someone...sometime....I will be getting the "puter and the camera" to talk and play nicely with each other......(keep your fingers crossed for me)....but in between all my "Monday" I have been scouring the net waves and have come across some fantastic blogs.........of great DIYers!
Gander at this beauty......
Who would have thought it would have started out like this......
Makes one simply take note and say....OMGosh....this is soooooo cute. My Daughter has this exact table.....I wish I could find her the chairs......
I mean come on.....aren't these just so elegant and lovely in their black coat of renewal? How I wish I had them......I need a new dining room set for the new house we are building.....and these chairs would be perfection!

Then there was another little gem.......
This darling little table that started out bland and was given new life with a shelf added very simply to the bottom and again...that gracious coat of paint.......isn't it just fabo-sous!
I have seen many tables similar to this many times in my wanderings and scouring's for just that cute, little, fun, right piece.......and they have surely done this one justice.
So dear ones.....before you toss, donate, set aside or just give up on yours......think twice....yes there is time and efforts in all these projects....but look what you end up with.....
Something beautiful.....something's you totally changed.....and something others wish they had discovered or found......that they could transform.......:o) Knowledge comes in all forms to us.....gather it around you and give yourself the gift of trying.....your skills on a worn, torn object that you transform into a piece that will give your home warmth and grace......:o)

Hope you have enjoyed them as much as I did......

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Mini for Father's Day.

I did a fun little mini for Father's Day that I "metalized" and made masculine with great tones of tans, black's, creams and a touch of green.
( although it does have a flower or two....wink)
It was easy to make and fun to put together.
I'll have a video soon....and one for Mother's Day!
Thanks so much for stopping by.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013


We all have them....but really...what do you do to organize them?
I mean "really" organize them?.....I can't ever seem to find just exactly what I am looking for......but yet they abound and seem to grow daily in my room...LOL
Then I found this on Pinterest....(I think) .....and I thought it was a super good idea....can't wait to make these myself and add them to my craft room.....which by the way....after the move is stuffed full....but....I will be creating soon....and have just wanted so bad to get in there and start playing with paper again...:o)
So here is someone's wisdom in sorting scraps that you can easily find and keep more organzised than certainly mine are......;o)

I thought it would even be good to sort them in solids and patterns....but maybe after I get this going that wouldn't be neccessary....this might just do the trick....
Helpful hints....gotta love them!