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Sunday, August 30, 2015


As most of you know things have been a bit out of my control for a while.

I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I never wanted to even write that sentence months ago....but now it is a bit easier and more gentle on my being.

I did this "altered bra" a very long time ago for Scrappin Girlfriends in Twin Falls, Idaho.

As we all have experienced such a loss with the recent death of Lisa Fairbanks, owner of Scrappin Girlfriends....I felt very strongly about doing this project years and years ago with Lisa and Michi..... After all, I had walked the walks for Breast Cancer and gone to the rallys with friends, have always been very supportive.....such a great cause. Little did I know that I would be "one" of millions fighting this horrid disease. So now as this hangs on my wall of my scrap has a totally different meaning to me. I supported and loved many I did not know, heard the stories and was there in such support. Now that has been given to me and I am EVER thankful for receiving it this strange still it seems.....I am the one receiving...not giving. It has been an adjustment to all that love and know me, my friends and my family. I would not have made this journey so easily in spirit if it had not been for many that have sent me cards, letters, notes, texts, emails, stood with Tom for my first surgery, calls and stopped by just for a hug or to listen to my tears and fears. This is life changing a bit.....only because it never leaves simmers even in those great and joyful moments. When I hear my grandchildren's laughter, my husbands kind words of encouragement and of course those of my friends that have been endless in their efforts to let me know that they love and care for me.
I thank you all....everyone of you.......most sincerely. This journey is not to be traveled alone. I have needed every ounce, every bit of help offered and given so generously. I am forever warmed by your love and warmth.
I am on the mend....feeling good...and home! I will be adding more to my blog soon.....and hope you stick around for some great fun things. I am so excited about a new binding method...well new to me...LOL that I want to share...... am trying to get my scrap room up and going so I can film and do some tutorials. I have sooooooo many projects just sitting there waiting to be filmed....I have learned to "hang in there" I just need to quit "hanging" and get "going."
I have all intentions of doing so.......
Leaving you with "my" favorite quote.......

Regardless of time or distance........the mind knows of none......when the heart is connected.

Be well my friends......and check back soon.