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Saturday, November 14, 2015

While in AZ..............

I had the pleasure of having some "down time" with a couple great ladies I have become great friends with.....and one day/afternoon/night we scrapped and laughed and giggled and manage to get "something" done. Scrap booking is a very social thing for women and best spent the other night eating yummy chocolates and cutting dies....."I truly know the "Die Queen".....she exists and lives in a wonderland of dies and a room only few can even imagine and only a few will ever experience. It was truly "magical" for me.

So I cut and played with some dies and my new messy coffee cup ring stamp. My daughter had taken her children to the river for family photos and I couldn't resist making this fun and "messy" layout of her son Blake having such a good time.

I always find myself taking photos for my blog late at night when the lighting is so poor. Sorry for the "blurry-ness.
These two layouts actually look a bit "garish" with the gold but I assure you they are not. Its a blend from "grunge to gold" ...very "light" and cream.....and I really like the accents it throws into the layout.
Anyway.....finally getting back to doing things I love.....ripping, distressing, tearing, stamping....just "grunging" and designing.
Debbie.....thank you for letting me cut dies for hours upon hours....feeding me yummy snacks and that midnight show. LOVED IT ALL! Love you so......
And Donna dearest.....I love you...thanks for making all my trips to AZ. so much more enjoyable, tolerable and filled with laughter and forgotten stress.
Laughter is the best medicine.....It has healed me so.......

Thursday, November 12, 2015


and I have always had a great relationship.
Some I have drooled over....full knowing I'll never possess it in my lifetime....some I have saved eons for. Craig's List grows and grows...has found solace in my home only to be cleaned, sanded, picked apart, redone and refinished or painted.

I also thought this was a great transformation.....and I'll be working on this pretty lady real soon....finally got  the trim off after staples galore....just to find more...but that's ok....I will talk the hubby into helping me with all those left......which he doesn't mind....I'll get this one painted black and recover it in the same fabric....which I LOVE!

Then there's this darling table I love...and have put off sanding and painting it to go between these two chairs.
I love the scalloped top and the legs....this is a Lexington table I bought for 95.00 at a second hand furniture store here in Boise. LOVED it at first glance.
(sorry the photos aren't very good)
It seems like that's where I'm happiest right now...but never fear oh crafty ones.....I already got my new Christmas Mini Album started last night and it will be finished soon....well....kind of soon...LOL.
Hope this beautiful Thursday is a great one for you all.....thanks so much for stopping by. 

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Fall is here.......

and there was a brisk air about us here in the capital city this morning.

Its a beautiful time of year....I have always LOVED the fall more than anytime of the year.

Tom and I have been trying to get a few things done around the between me flying back and forth ever other week to AZ. I love them....put these on the "inside." LOVE them.....
 They are really dark/black in stain and distressed..... I am so tickled to get them hung.
Just trying to feel better....which I as always....hang in there....I am working on a Christmas Mini and another one really out of the box for me.
I have totally appreciated your love, care, texts, cards, calls and hugs. It has meant so very much.

See you soon!

Sunday, August 30, 2015


As most of you know things have been a bit out of my control for a while.

I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I never wanted to even write that sentence months ago....but now it is a bit easier and more gentle on my being.

I did this "altered bra" a very long time ago for Scrappin Girlfriends in Twin Falls, Idaho.

As we all have experienced such a loss with the recent death of Lisa Fairbanks, owner of Scrappin Girlfriends....I felt very strongly about doing this project years and years ago with Lisa and Michi..... After all, I had walked the walks for Breast Cancer and gone to the rallys with friends, have always been very supportive.....such a great cause. Little did I know that I would be "one" of millions fighting this horrid disease. So now as this hangs on my wall of my scrap has a totally different meaning to me. I supported and loved many I did not know, heard the stories and was there in such support. Now that has been given to me and I am EVER thankful for receiving it this strange still it seems.....I am the one receiving...not giving. It has been an adjustment to all that love and know me, my friends and my family. I would not have made this journey so easily in spirit if it had not been for many that have sent me cards, letters, notes, texts, emails, stood with Tom for my first surgery, calls and stopped by just for a hug or to listen to my tears and fears. This is life changing a bit.....only because it never leaves simmers even in those great and joyful moments. When I hear my grandchildren's laughter, my husbands kind words of encouragement and of course those of my friends that have been endless in their efforts to let me know that they love and care for me.
I thank you all....everyone of you.......most sincerely. This journey is not to be traveled alone. I have needed every ounce, every bit of help offered and given so generously. I am forever warmed by your love and warmth.
I am on the mend....feeling good...and home! I will be adding more to my blog soon.....and hope you stick around for some great fun things. I am so excited about a new binding method...well new to me...LOL that I want to share...... am trying to get my scrap room up and going so I can film and do some tutorials. I have sooooooo many projects just sitting there waiting to be filmed....I have learned to "hang in there" I just need to quit "hanging" and get "going."
I have all intentions of doing so.......
Leaving you with "my" favorite quote.......

Regardless of time or distance........the mind knows of none......when the heart is connected.

Be well my friends......and check back soon.

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Fourth of July Page Kit

I will have available his coming week the...... Fourth of July Class Layout.....I did last year.

This layout is colorful and distressed and has many, many embellishments and will accent your Fourth of July memories for years to was one of my favorites to teach.

After being told I could no longer get this paper last year......I was contacted about two weeks ago and was asked if I was still interested. OF COURSE! So I should be receiving papers and embellies Monday and will have kits cut and ready to purchase on Wednesday June 10th, 2015. I will have 8 to 10 kits available.

(I will not be teaching this is a class....sorry........this is for kits only.)

Please let me know if you would like to purchase a kit....I should have my PayPal button for this kit up and on my blog here by Wednesday will read ....4th of JULY CLASS....but when you click on will READ 4th of JULY KIT......and if you are local....please leave me an email at and you can pick yours up locally!......but never fear my dears......I can ship to you as well!

Thanks so much.......Have a fabulous, warm, sunny week.....and breathe in all around you.

Friday, May 15, 2015

Never fails......

I get tooooo busy and neglect my Blog.
I appreciate all the letters and Im's and the reminders from you all that I have not been around for some time.
My bad....just life....lots of orders......lawn and flower beds.....Daughter's B-Day...friends....Mother's Day....weddings...weddings and more weddings......just seriously life in general.....why when we are young do we wish for life to pass so quickly and when we get older.....that it flies by us so quickly....
So dear ones far and near..... I will leave you with the LOVE of my Daughter......and her two Minnons.....I send you thanks and warmth for hanging in there and having faith in my return...LOL.....indeed change is coming...lots of it....but that I cant really talk about right now.....but I will be back....:o)