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Monday, March 28, 2016

I love mixed media!!!!

It's fun and simple and goes together sooooo easy.

Here's a new one with paste, paint and stamping. The layers are fun and add so much depth.

 I love using paste and stencils. I got the recipe to make my own from my friend Donna Ward who is a whiz at using paste.....she inspired me and away I went!
 Here's a closer view. It's feathers and I loved it here. I am impatient when it comes to dry time! You have to be a bit more patient than I am.....I hit this with my heat gun but you have to be very careful of it as it can burn quite easily. I love the depth....the texture it gives a layout.
A bit more paste and some flowers and leaves. These flowers are so simple to make. Takes no time at all to do and you can always custom them to match your layouts. These are punched and just layered....6 or 7 layers, distressed and have beaded centers. The leaves are die cuts.
Hope your Monday has been a great one and you have created something you will love and cherish. Make memories.......thanks for stopping by.

Friday, March 11, 2016

Ok.....some design time......

for a very nice client....who has a beautiful granddaughter who loves pink!

Distressing....layering...fancy cutting.....boarders....and of course stamping. Done finished and ready to ship!


I'm back in a cast once again....can you hear me singing......LOL

So doing much is not been on the menu this week but I have been doing a bit more and designing more. Simple things seem to mean a lot these days.....talking to my "split-a-part" on a daily basis seems to lighten my load and give me great joy. She's great at that...I thank God most everyday for bringing someone so special into my life......but I have many friends that I get great joy just simply hanging with or going to lunch dragging this 7 pound cast around doesn't really allow me to much fun and frolicking ......and frolicking is always fun......LOL

I have been doing a lot of internet searching.....purchased a few..."cant wait to get them" items for new deigns and have been waiting for my "bold and beautiful" draperies to get finished and hung....which happened today!!!!!

Not the greatest of photos but you'll get the grand idea....they need to hang a bit and straighten out but give them a week and they'll be "seated" and be fabulous! I have always loved big checks and these blend with everything in my home. Now for the front room and they'll be done! Monday!!!!
I need to paint the table that I have had for three years black....and the chair....which I finally managed to get umpteen bazillion nail heads out took me nearly three days. But it will get painted the same as other one is and reupholstered with the striped fabric. All we be well and settled and I'll have time to start another project....LOL

I am still in awe of a blog called "Addicted 2 Decorating." she is amazing and does the coolest and most detailed DIY projects I have EVER seen. Check her out if you get a'll LOVE her. I wish I could do a tenth of what she does, but then again she is much younger and supports no cast....LOL

Anyway peeps....thank you for hanging in with me and checking my blog frequently. I appreciate your kindness and feed back and hope the spring is bringing you warmth, smiles and above all else....peace. See you again soon........