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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Wandering around......

Tia Pan Trading here in town.

I am not really in the Christmas mood yet.....but this year with my Daughter and two little twin grand babies....and my great Hubby....aka "The Brickman".....Christmas this year will be better than ever.
So I took a few photos of all the merriment happening at Tia Pan......where the trees are stuffed full and beautiful with ribbons and birds, reindeer and accents. Much d├ęcor in this store....I love it!

I love traditional colors.....but LOVED this tree. Blue, brown and pewter seem to be the colors this year teamed with just sparkles!
And then there was this beautiful the black and white.
I use to make Santa's. I would search thrift stores and fabric stores to make coats of fur and velvet. I made them for many years. But this one I loved......he was so capable of sporting such lovely attire in his red velvet coat with black and white stripes.
His hands were worn and wrinkled.....and his face was small and weathered. He was indeed beautifully made. On a day I did not feel to well due to this dang illness of mine.....he gave me a smile of warmth when I saw him.
Hope you are all thinking about Christmas....even though tucked away for a bit's getting closer my friends.

Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween.....

This year I decided to paint some pumpkins......and that hat box I bought a couple months a fabulous way to display for the holidays.....

Have a SAFE one......enjoy this beautiful Fall weather......Boise is beautifully colored right now!

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Just a little update.....

finally got one of my chairs painted and for the seats....that's the easy part!
The second coat of wax is still drying so I'll let this chair sit for a couple days and then buff and it will be fabulously "Annie Sloan" black. I wish I had a sprayer to use on them but this way at least I'll get them finished. The wax is heavenly......
So hang in there dear ones......they aren't quite done yet.....but dang close!
Remember this is how they began.....
Thanks for stopping by.
Fall is upon us here......and it's beautiful!

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Annie Sloan and I........

are working today to turn some chairs I purchased off of Craigslist in Park City, Utah about three years ago.....told you we are finally into our storage unit.......(wink)

                         So here are some before and after photos.......

Hoping that this Grafite is going to be dark enough.....
Maybe I should "ring around Annie".....and invite her over for a spot tea!

Tuesday, October 7, 2014


Getting back to my blog.....seems my time is not my own ....between wedding season that totally took up so much of my summer..... and classes and just life....time slips by very quickly!
So......florals....ahe yes! My hands are sore from rose thorns and making corsages....LOL....but never the less the Brickman and I have been finally getting around to a few things here at the "old homestead" know it as the new house....:o) We have had so much in storage and are just getting around to being able to get it out as the heat has subsided and we can get into our units.
I have done several painting projects for a few clients and have just not had time to work on our home. But did throw together over the weekend a small, simple wreath for our large front mirror in our entry. I love the Fall season.....its is my favorite time of year.....
It is very simple but gives us a bit of color for Fall. Then there's a few finds that are new and some that are not. Opening storage boxes that have packed for a few years is sometimes just like Christmas!
And then there is Mr. B. A few teeth missing and a happy camper glad that his dental appointment is over and done with....Minus 8 teeth...all in front....he is doing very well!
I'll try to be better about posting more frequently than the past few months. I have some fun classes coming up and a great Mini-Album for Halloween.....hang in there and thank you ALL so much for the mail.....I am alive and you be well and have a fabulous week!

Sunday, June 22, 2014

4th of July Class

Welcome!!!'s the scoop on the class.....

Class seating is limited so please register soon with Paypal if you want to join us for this fun class.

Time and Dates?
July 16th, Wednesday at 9:30 to 1:00 p.m.

Right here in Boise/Meridian at HOBBY LOBBY!
(classroom is at the rear of the store)

I've been trying to get together some fun classes on layering and "twisting" boarders with ribbons and paper and twine.....just venturing "out of the box" a bit more to "spice up" those layouts and memories from the holiday that is colorful and bright! I love the 4th....have great memories of my daughter "oohing and awe-ing" over the festivities held every year with our family.

Great times should be remembered in these two 12x12 colorful layouts to save for future smiles and memories! Pack your bags, eat your Wheaties........this class is three and a half hours of details, distressing.....layering, layering and more layering! 

When you register with Paypal .... PLEASE let me know in my COMMENTS....that you have signed up. I will send you a class list via email....and all the info to get a hold of me if necessary.....when I receive your registration.

Think about when you are taking those great 4th photos that this holds a 5x7 & 4x6 verticals!

Thanks so much for coming to scrap with us.....
SEE YOU IN CLASS.....we'll have a BLAST!!!!