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Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Simple things.......

sometimes make the prettiest impressions.

They add flair and color with their simplicities.

Its so fun when you do with what you have to add flair and accent to your Holiday décor.

So when you think you need to search for the "perfect" thing to add to your holiday grace and beauty

Think again and out of the box......that always makes your home special and your smile a bit brighter.
                 Have a great holiday.......I hope for you 2017 is a great healthy and happy year.

Friday, December 9, 2016


is something I have always had my hand in.

Sometimes its paper and glue, sometimes its wall paper and paint. Others its draperies and interiors and other times it furniture and carpet, tiles and flooring.

Whatever or wherever it is......I am always lead back to design.

I love the "Classics".....the "Tradional lines and Timeless" styles.
Furniture, bedding, fabrics are usually expensive items for your home and whether or not your styles change throughout your lifetime......which for many of us it does.....keeping the pieces that you love and cherish....are important to we with sentimental hearts.

But sometimes....well I should say many times....(winking) ....I have come across a piece that is totally not mean for what it ends up to be and it THRILLS me to see someone's ingenuity and imagination take off and run wild with something no one else would think of.

These is not my design....but I have a client that has an old sewing machine table her Grammy gave her and she recently passed away. She asked me to please come up with something that would honor her Grandmother and yet not just be "a display piece" for her item.

                                                  THIS IS FABULOUS!

She has a powder room that this would be such a functional piece in and surely  make her Grammy giggle! I have already talked to my "woodman" about making this and ordered the wood to match the front and drawers. I ordered a sink for her today and I will pick her a faucet this next week.

Isn't this just the sweetest way to remember a Grammy who gave her a ton of quilts and sewed them all on this old treadle Singer machine? I have NO idea who designed this....but whomever it may be....I thank you from the bottom of my heart. It is perfect for my sweet client who remembers living with her Grammy and growing up snuggled under a warm and inviting quilt.

Saturday, November 26, 2016


something special and memorable has always been something I have enjoyed. Time has changed my tastes some from time to time but I have always enjoyed collecting things that made my heart sigh with a sweet remembrance of where and when it was collected, purchased and brought into my home.

My Mother thought I should collect these. I think she always secretly wanted them for herself but as few things between us, she started these as a tradition and for a few years gave me one every Christmas. I think its a one and only memory of something we both enjoyed.

She started out be giving me the cottage.
It, as well as the others I have, were the only villages that were "antiqued" with muted colors. They are very pretty with very warm and soothing colors.

Then in the next three years she added the church, the pinkish Victorian home on the right and the Grand Ole I loved and still do love, Country music. I was shocked when she kept adding to this collection but very pleased that she wanted to.

The Post Office was the next  to the last one she bought me. She liked the brick....and thought it added a cheery place to our collection of villages....and always reminded her of how she hated to wait in line to mail anything....LOL

The last one she gave me was the Antique Shoppe. She knew I loved and collected many antiques throughout the years and she thought that this one was so appropriate for my collection.

One of the last ones I added to my collection was the Mill. It was done is such great colors and I love how quaint it looks.

The also added the Victorian house. I love the front porch and the muted colors but most of all I added this the second year my daughter was with me. She was to young to know it....but it was something I cherished as we had a very Victorian home and it was decked to the max for Christmas every year. Our staircase was draped in garlands and glitz. We had a Victorian tree in the front room and a big eclectic tree in our family room. And these Villages were always gathered and displayed on our hutch in the dining room. That was almost 27 years ago.

So finally after 6 years of being packed and stored they have arrived once again to give us warmth and memories of when they were given to me each year and I added to them five years after that. They are called "Colonial Villages" and after the last one I purchased they made them in garish colors and tones that I just could not get used to. Thus the 10 I have will be the last of them collected.

I am hoping when I turn them over to my Daughter.....she enjoys them as much as I have and they will adorn her home as they have mine. Inside each home or building there is a note on when it was purchased or given and the "deed" as well. I'll keep adding a few things, trees, fencing and Tom found a tiny car with a tree on the top and its darling with everything.

I cherish my little Villages......and am so pleased we finally have them out for this Christmas. Each one brings a memory and warmth.

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Trees.....Trees.....Trees....and more Trees!!!!

Beginning tomorrow we will be putting up our Christmas Tree after 6 years!
I am totally excited and so ready for the festive sights, sounds and colors of Christmas this year.

So.....I have been looking at many trees....and the simplicity of them and what containers they are placed in and how they are decorated. I love small trees, big trees, skinny trees and fat trees. I love them in a kitchen, bathrooms, hallways and family rooms......inside and outdoors.... From simple to elegant......I adore them all!
Have a great Turkey Day my at peace and in warmth.....

McQueen and Mee Mow.....

Had a fabulous time trick or treating with my two grandbabies.

They were so much fun to go with.....reminding me of all the past Halloween fun that I had with my baby girl. (Who by the way is now the mother of these two twin four year olds!)

She made her son a darling......"Lightening McQueen" car...and he LOVED it!

And her "Mee Mow" baby girl was darling in those "Over-sized" Minnie Mouse ears and bow!

And besides having a great time with these two little sweeties of mine....I got to do some very fun layouts for their albums. Just for them to remember big ears and a tutu....and a cardboard car can really make a night of gathering candy.....oh so fun!

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

My Scrap Room.......

I have had so many people ask me about my scrap room.
Well its nothing fancy or color coordinated.....I know this girl who has a beautiful scrap room....she even covered her OttLite and her Fiskers Cutter to match her about way over my head....LOL....I just shove in storage where it will fit and hope to get as much as I can in my room.
So here it is friends......just nearly done....took some very good suggestions from Donna and Debbie in AZ.....some from Calley McClifford who has a room that I am in awe of......she lives in Iowa.....and a lot of looking at various rooms on YouTube and the way....what ever did we do without Pinterest?.....That is the best site EVAH!.....LOL

My cart from Ikea is stuffed......I have two.
I have a total of two (16) Kallax Units from Ikea as well. They hold so much and are easily set up. I was a bit bummed that they would not hold the Iris 12x12 cases in their openings. I also purchased one single 4 unit for the top of one of the larger units. Wish I had done that to both.
But on the other Kallax I have put those 12x12 individual boxes we all see and have from Michael's and they hold my paper packs and black card stock.
I keep some of this for overflow and storage boxes soon to be full of whatever I need them for.

I have 2 of the Alex Drawer units from Ikea. They are FABULOUS! I love them. ones to my left and easily accessable with everyday items I need. The other drawer unit is to my right at the end of my desk giving me added space and a place where little Mr. B. can be very close and sleeping. He's a hogglet when it comes to his "area!"....LOL So this offers him a good, stable place to sleep if hes not into sleeping by the window. I fill the drawers with circle cutters and stamping things such as my Misty and the supplies for my ScannCut.
These two roller carts hold all my clear stamps. I sorted and labeled them and when I need to move them I simply roll them to another position in my room. Behind that is a small closet filled to the brim with all kinds of see through containers labeled and easily searched through if need be.
This little white cabinet holds a BUNCH of 12x12's! I use this for al my class projects and completed kits that I sell. It also holds my TV as you can see which is directly across my desk.
This wire rack was a great purchase for another home. It takes up a bit to much space but I keep baskets of punches all sorted and labeled and its very easy access for me to get into. I also have two big metal drawers on the bottom that hold all my steel rule dies. The chair for a guest slides right into that spot and is always there and out of the way for anyone who wants to come and play for the day!
And then there's the "towers"....I LOVE THESE! I have five, three high units in my room. These fit perfect right between the wire rack with the punches and the door. They hold SOOO much!
Then I have two next to my Kallax for storage as well. These hold my card stock all sorted and labeled in colors and as you can see I have extra 12x12's on top ready to be used as well. Donna told me about these "towers" and I LOVE THEM!!!!! They hold so much for me and are so easily stacked and filled and sturdy. They come with wheels as an option as well but I opted to stack mine for storage.
My room is not big at all. Not near the size I have been use to but it functions very well and I do have ample storage and things are right near me....I just turn my chair around and grab what I need. Everything I use quickly and daily is right behind me or to the left or to the right. Its easy and works out well. I have an "L" shaped desk also from Ikea....and it is a great size, easy to sit up to and I have a great Eber Chair purchased from Office Depot that adjusts easily up and down so when I am finished up for the day and want it out of the way....I simply "adjust" it to a size that scoots underneath my desk....its really oober comfortable and well worth the money.
Like I said it is definately not fancy and I wish I had more space to make it a bit more colorful and add some décor in some places....and maybe when I get time I will shift things around a bit.....but for right now kids....this is it. This is where I come to relax and enjoy creating anything and everything.
Hope this gives you some ideas! I think we all own stock in Ikea. Good thing its miles and miles from me.....LOL
Thanks for stopping by my room....enjoy your day! 

Pocket Letters.......

these are sooooooo much fun to make....simple, easy, small, quick and can be so much fun to trade with my sweet friend Donna in AZ.  We made a list for the year and we trade one every month.....and I find I am anxiously doing one right after another. I truly LOVE doing them.

As I truly love this woman as well. She and I are like paper and glue....meant to be and holding together for a lifetime! How lucky I was to have her warmth and hugs throughout last year and this one. She is a lovely soul....split-a-part from's like I have known her all my life, been waiting to meet her all my life.....and when I needed warmth the most...she swooped in and gave me a hug that I shall never, ever forget. She's a Godsend....and I love her so......a friend for life and beyond.
This is one of the Pocket Letters I did for her. Time was our theme.....and it was sooooooo much fun to create this for her.
So....with all of that goes so much fun and happy times making something that will make her smile and having so much fun creating. We embellish and bobble...we glue, crackle and paint....we glossy accent and stamp and distress. Then we add more and more until our creations are mailed off monthly and within days....what was on my desk and comes from my hands and heart....are on hers. We FT when we open them...or unless one of us just cant wait...(wink)...and see the other's face. She does the same for me and I am delighted by her talents and designs that are made just for me. So far we have done we'll go for six more to finish off the year.
Here is the time Pocket Letter she created for me. She's not been scrapping for very long and is so talented and so particular and precise when it comes to her designs. She's a great mini's are to die for!

These are easy and take whatever scraps and embellies you have. The pockets are 3.5"x2.5" and are shipped in a padded envelope. If you're looking for something fun and simple....for any occasion for a friend....they are simply the coolest thing.....they take no time at all and will bring a smile to anyone's face......try'll be hooked!
Thanks again for stopping by.......enjoy the rest of your safe, healthy and happy.


Layouts for my sweet grandbabies......just focusing on using bright, primary colors for some simple layouts.......always making two for my Daugther's sweet twin babies.....who are growing fast!

Those sweet little ottomans.......

are FINALLY recovered!

I bought these for a fabulous price....they were painted Aqua Blue but their style and their carvings just shined through that Aqua paint and I knew they'd be fabulous with my Buffalo checked cream and black small wingback chairs! I painted them with Annie Slone paint and waxed them with clear and dark wax from A.S. as well....I love her priming, no sanding....her paints are wonderful!

The Brickman helped me with these and I am sooooo glad that they are done!

I'm tickled they are finished.....they look super good and one more project off my list. These chairs have been recovered three times and I love the smaller stature of them. I used them in three homes.......I think this will be the last time they get redone.....but......don't hold your breath!.....LOLOL
Hope you're finishing up something that you have wanted to finish for a long always feels so good to get them done...and.....summer is nearing it's end and fall will be upon us FAVORITE time of the year.....! Thanks for stopping by.

Friday, August 12, 2016

Simple fun......

creating some layouts today while I had time to spend in my room......

Sometimes you just have to take the time....settle into the day and do something creative.
I am making these into kits....anyone interested just let me know.

Thanks for stopping by.....hope your weekend will be spent in warmth, laughter and joy.

Be well....stay safe...always.

Saturday, August 6, 2016

Just a couple bright layouts.......

for those of you that like those basic colors and simplicities of doing layouts for more than one kiddo!

Today I have just been playing in my room and catching up on some layouts.....hubbies outside tending to the yard and gardens so I just played.....and had a great day designing some simple but colorful layouts.

I love using scraps and fun photos, adding fun features such as paint dots, metal brads, punched circles, twine and  rubons. Anything and everything....some days....that just works out best!

Thanks for stopping by.......enjoy your time and share a smile.....better yet....give someone a hug with warmth.....I sure miss my AZ friends and their hugs today......:o)

Friday, April 29, 2016

The hunt continues.....

As all my friends know...and most people I run into at the thrift stores and consignment stores and so on....I am in search of a bench.

This one is heaven in its shape and size....guess what...they wont ship! (thank goodness it was WAY out of my price range)

So to continue....I looked on line for-ever....LOL And found this beauty.

Guess what....they wont ship either....road trip to New England? Um....notta.

So I came upon this one on Ebay. guessed it...notta on the shipping...but they will hold it for me for two weeks if I want to come get it somewhere around Massachusetts I think.

So....drooling over the next even has an "S" on it.....they didn't really want to sell this .....just wanted to show off the monogram...and I cant blame them, its very nice.

So I am back to the hunt.....trying to find a bed frame that won't look like a bed frame once repurposed to a bench to adore my nook area. And oh by the way....I would totally love this one....all together now........."they wont ship."

Have a wonderful weekend doing whatever you choose to do. Smile often, laugh a little and tell someone you know...I am looking for a bench...LOL  I'll thank you in advance!