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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Wandering around......

Tia Pan Trading here in town.

I am not really in the Christmas mood yet.....but this year with my Daughter and two little twin grand babies....and my great Hubby....aka "The Brickman".....Christmas this year will be better than ever.
So I took a few photos of all the merriment happening at Tia Pan......where the trees are stuffed full and beautiful with ribbons and birds, reindeer and accents. Much d├ęcor in this store....I love it!

I love traditional colors.....but LOVED this tree. Blue, brown and pewter seem to be the colors this year teamed with just sparkles!
And then there was this beautiful the black and white.
I use to make Santa's. I would search thrift stores and fabric stores to make coats of fur and velvet. I made them for many years. But this one I loved......he was so capable of sporting such lovely attire in his red velvet coat with black and white stripes.
His hands were worn and wrinkled.....and his face was small and weathered. He was indeed beautifully made. On a day I did not feel to well due to this dang illness of mine.....he gave me a smile of warmth when I saw him.
Hope you are all thinking about Christmas....even though tucked away for a bit's getting closer my friends.