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Thursday, May 25, 2017


it is a love/hate relationship.

This spring however.....we have loved it.
And mostly every year.....being only in our home for three years...and two of them blocked out with  something that kept us from doing as we have wanted......did not allow us to tend our flower beds and gardens the way we would have liked.

But this year......oh my is surely very different! Thank you Mother Nature for a beautiful spring!

I was so happy to have had our stream beds in for a couple years and just fine tuned them last year....made all the difference....this year! Things have grown and crowned and fallen over the edges and its so pleasing to our eyes.

It is nice how the walkway beds have filled in.

Our Azaleas have bloomed well this year.

And our "creepers" are creeping and our simple flowers are dancing!
The hub and I really wanted to do an "English Garden" setting for everything.....and it's finally filling in to give us that look.

So this "Love/Hate" relationship I have had trying to get these plants to fill in and grow....just needed me to be more patient and understanding that soil and well together....and gathered together with some TLC works is so fun to have so much color to gaze upon everyday.

Enjoy your weekend ever so careful if traveling and enjoy your "three-dayer."


  1. Your yard is absolutely beautiful! Just looking at it makes me want to sit down and enjoy its splendor.....

    1. How I wish for that very thing my sweet friend.