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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

My Scrap Room.......

I have had so many people ask me about my scrap room.
Well its nothing fancy or color coordinated.....I know this girl who has a beautiful scrap room....she even covered her OttLite and her Fiskers Cutter to match her about way over my head....LOL....I just shove in storage where it will fit and hope to get as much as I can in my room.
So here it is friends......just nearly done....took some very good suggestions from Donna and Debbie in AZ.....some from Calley McClifford who has a room that I am in awe of......she lives in Iowa.....and a lot of looking at various rooms on YouTube and the way....what ever did we do without Pinterest?.....That is the best site EVAH!.....LOL

My cart from Ikea is stuffed......I have two.
I have a total of two (16) Kallax Units from Ikea as well. They hold so much and are easily set up. I was a bit bummed that they would not hold the Iris 12x12 cases in their openings. I also purchased one single 4 unit for the top of one of the larger units. Wish I had done that to both.
But on the other Kallax I have put those 12x12 individual boxes we all see and have from Michael's and they hold my paper packs and black card stock.
I keep some of this for overflow and storage boxes soon to be full of whatever I need them for.

I have 2 of the Alex Drawer units from Ikea. They are FABULOUS! I love them. ones to my left and easily accessable with everyday items I need. The other drawer unit is to my right at the end of my desk giving me added space and a place where little Mr. B. can be very close and sleeping. He's a hogglet when it comes to his "area!"....LOL So this offers him a good, stable place to sleep if hes not into sleeping by the window. I fill the drawers with circle cutters and stamping things such as my Misty and the supplies for my ScannCut.
These two roller carts hold all my clear stamps. I sorted and labeled them and when I need to move them I simply roll them to another position in my room. Behind that is a small closet filled to the brim with all kinds of see through containers labeled and easily searched through if need be.
This little white cabinet holds a BUNCH of 12x12's! I use this for al my class projects and completed kits that I sell. It also holds my TV as you can see which is directly across my desk.
This wire rack was a great purchase for another home. It takes up a bit to much space but I keep baskets of punches all sorted and labeled and its very easy access for me to get into. I also have two big metal drawers on the bottom that hold all my steel rule dies. The chair for a guest slides right into that spot and is always there and out of the way for anyone who wants to come and play for the day!
And then there's the "towers"....I LOVE THESE! I have five, three high units in my room. These fit perfect right between the wire rack with the punches and the door. They hold SOOO much!
Then I have two next to my Kallax for storage as well. These hold my card stock all sorted and labeled in colors and as you can see I have extra 12x12's on top ready to be used as well. Donna told me about these "towers" and I LOVE THEM!!!!! They hold so much for me and are so easily stacked and filled and sturdy. They come with wheels as an option as well but I opted to stack mine for storage.
My room is not big at all. Not near the size I have been use to but it functions very well and I do have ample storage and things are right near me....I just turn my chair around and grab what I need. Everything I use quickly and daily is right behind me or to the left or to the right. Its easy and works out well. I have an "L" shaped desk also from Ikea....and it is a great size, easy to sit up to and I have a great Eber Chair purchased from Office Depot that adjusts easily up and down so when I am finished up for the day and want it out of the way....I simply "adjust" it to a size that scoots underneath my desk....its really oober comfortable and well worth the money.
Like I said it is definately not fancy and I wish I had more space to make it a bit more colorful and add some d├ęcor in some places....and maybe when I get time I will shift things around a bit.....but for right now kids....this is it. This is where I come to relax and enjoy creating anything and everything.
Hope this gives you some ideas! I think we all own stock in Ikea. Good thing its miles and miles from me.....LOL
Thanks for stopping by my room....enjoy your day! 

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