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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

McQueen and Mee Mow.....

Had a fabulous time trick or treating with my two grandbabies.

They were so much fun to go with.....reminding me of all the past Halloween fun that I had with my baby girl. (Who by the way is now the mother of these two twin four year olds!)

She made her son a darling......"Lightening McQueen" car...and he LOVED it!

And her "Mee Mow" baby girl was darling in those "Over-sized" Minnie Mouse ears and bow!

And besides having a great time with these two little sweeties of mine....I got to do some very fun layouts for their albums. Just for them to remember big ears and a tutu....and a cardboard car can really make a night of gathering candy.....oh so fun!

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