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Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Tuesday's RED......

I have had quite a few clients approach me to "add" some spring color to their homes. I truly think the long spring we have had here in Idaho has given everyone a "spring-fever-bug" to get their homes changed up a bit with some added color...and most requested seems to be red.

This is one of my most favorite dining niche's. I love the wings....the dining chairs and the settee near the windows. Look at how this brightens up the area.....and still soothes the eye and mind. It's a bit of color I have to admit....but still with all the patterns and textures it is fabulous but look at the "tones"...they are so similar. This whole house from what you can see in this photo is beautiful. I am sure the owner is a happy camper living here.

This bedroom expressed the same...different patterns in red. But its a warm and comfy mix. I love this as well. Who wouldn't love a bedroom that encases you and offers you calmness yet gives you such fluid design and calmness.....And....BTW....get a load of that mirror!

And once's just a hint of red. Faded stripes and florals adding so much awareness to this soft porch and wicker settee. I love tulips that bend and bow in their container. Isn't this beautiful how the greens and white and red all blend in together?

But let's not forget just the "hint" of red to make this entry table seem dramatic and of depth. can be "outstanding and brilliant" or just as suttle as faded stripe and tulips past their prime. Whatever part of red you prefer.....add some to your spring and brighten up your home from this long awaited summer. Idaho is beautiful right now....with this long spring we have had.....the earth is bursting with color.....add a bit to your home and "feel" the change from seasons.

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Design time........

Working with a few clients to brighten up and change their homes from what they have enjoyed in the past to lightening up and rearranging and changing for their future....I am so blessed to be able to do so.......
Bedding is hard to find these days....I have been looking for myself and yet my clients find the same thing as I am finding....the "classics" aren't available or I just cant find them........regardless....I LOVE this bedding...along with my one client as well....isn't is beautifully simple and of warmth?
Benches seem to be eluding me as well.  I have two clients looking...but alas....I have not found anything close to this as of yet! I LOVE this bench....the striped seat...I'd just paint it black but its painting is done fabulously!.....Is that even a word?....LOL
Then this elusive "desk/table" I have been searching for everywhere....I do love when a client bring me a photo and says I want this.....its a treasure to find it and an opportunity to seek out where it might far....strike three!....But that's sometimes the fun of it all.

I will be framing this.....along with several others that I purchased recently....and am so glad to find them all. As you know I love antique bid prints .....I have them all over my home....unfortunately....this one is going to a client...but they will LOVE it!

So here in Beautiful Boise is what I have been doing......searching, hunting and finding some things worthy of time and patience......

I hope regardless of what you are doing find time to breathe in all around you and feel warmth and comfort from your surroundings......enjoy your day everyone......

Friday, March 3, 2017


Received my "other" chair from the Upholster today! Thrilled to have it done.

This little baby was purchased quite some time ago at a second hand furniture store but nearly matched the other one I have exactly.

It was stained so I painted it black, but almost a "sheer" black so some of the woodgrain shows through. Then accented it slightly with gold.
One chair is slightly larger than the other one but just in a very slight way.

I am so ready for spring!
But then again so is everyone else!
So the only thing left to do is that little table.

Painting the base black and distressing will also be taking place and a fun, different design for the top!

But I have a friend visiting from AZ. next week so it will just have to wait!
Hang in will get done soon!
Have a fabulous March day!

Wednesday, February 8, 2017


Is just not for sweethearts, boyfriends or Hubby's.

I love making things for the Hubby....friends and my Grand babies and my Daughter on Valentine's Day.

So for a private party ........woman are gathering for smiles and laughter, words of wisdom and knowledge, talents and expressions......and most of all just good ole warmth from great ladies gathered together and having a good time.
With 15 of these done and wrapped and ready for tonight's party....I'm excited to get them into the hands of these great ladies.
The are "Loaded Envelopes"....and contain some small treasures of tags and cards.
Little bits and pieces of tattered laces, dyed seam binding, distressed and stamped.
Flowers and ribbons, trinkets and threads.
Crunched and bunched,  gathered together in an envelope.
Shattered and scattered bits and pieces........
Topping them with something sweet and pink and "Valentine-zee."
Simple things of scraps and quotes.......I really enjoyed making them and hopefully the ladies will enjoy them.
Have a wonderful Valentine's Day all........make something for someone you love and cherish.....or something that will bring a smile to one that excepts your efforts and talents as a gift of warmth. Women always should support and cherish each other....... It is what we is who we are.

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Simple things.......

sometimes make the prettiest impressions.

They add flair and color with their simplicities.

Its so fun when you do with what you have to add flair and accent to your Holiday d├ęcor.

So when you think you need to search for the "perfect" thing to add to your holiday grace and beauty

Think again and out of the box......that always makes your home special and your smile a bit brighter.
                 Have a great holiday.......I hope for you 2017 is a great healthy and happy year.

Friday, December 9, 2016


is something I have always had my hand in.

Sometimes its paper and glue, sometimes its wall paper and paint. Others its draperies and interiors and other times it furniture and carpet, tiles and flooring.

Whatever or wherever it is......I am always lead back to design.

I love the "Classics".....the "Tradional lines and Timeless" styles.
Furniture, bedding, fabrics are usually expensive items for your home and whether or not your styles change throughout your lifetime......which for many of us it does.....keeping the pieces that you love and cherish....are important to we with sentimental hearts.

But sometimes....well I should say many times....(winking) ....I have come across a piece that is totally not mean for what it ends up to be and it THRILLS me to see someone's ingenuity and imagination take off and run wild with something no one else would think of.

These is not my design....but I have a client that has an old sewing machine table her Grammy gave her and she recently passed away. She asked me to please come up with something that would honor her Grandmother and yet not just be "a display piece" for her item.

                                                  THIS IS FABULOUS!

She has a powder room that this would be such a functional piece in and surely  make her Grammy giggle! I have already talked to my "woodman" about making this and ordered the wood to match the front and drawers. I ordered a sink for her today and I will pick her a faucet this next week.

Isn't this just the sweetest way to remember a Grammy who gave her a ton of quilts and sewed them all on this old treadle Singer machine? I have NO idea who designed this....but whomever it may be....I thank you from the bottom of my heart. It is perfect for my sweet client who remembers living with her Grammy and growing up snuggled under a warm and inviting quilt.

Saturday, November 26, 2016


something special and memorable has always been something I have enjoyed. Time has changed my tastes some from time to time but I have always enjoyed collecting things that made my heart sigh with a sweet remembrance of where and when it was collected, purchased and brought into my home.

My Mother thought I should collect these. I think she always secretly wanted them for herself but as few things between us, she started these as a tradition and for a few years gave me one every Christmas. I think its a one and only memory of something we both enjoyed.

She started out be giving me the cottage.
It, as well as the others I have, were the only villages that were "antiqued" with muted colors. They are very pretty with very warm and soothing colors.

Then in the next three years she added the church, the pinkish Victorian home on the right and the Grand Ole I loved and still do love, Country music. I was shocked when she kept adding to this collection but very pleased that she wanted to.

The Post Office was the next  to the last one she bought me. She liked the brick....and thought it added a cheery place to our collection of villages....and always reminded her of how she hated to wait in line to mail anything....LOL

The last one she gave me was the Antique Shoppe. She knew I loved and collected many antiques throughout the years and she thought that this one was so appropriate for my collection.

One of the last ones I added to my collection was the Mill. It was done is such great colors and I love how quaint it looks.

The also added the Victorian house. I love the front porch and the muted colors but most of all I added this the second year my daughter was with me. She was to young to know it....but it was something I cherished as we had a very Victorian home and it was decked to the max for Christmas every year. Our staircase was draped in garlands and glitz. We had a Victorian tree in the front room and a big eclectic tree in our family room. And these Villages were always gathered and displayed on our hutch in the dining room. That was almost 27 years ago.

So finally after 6 years of being packed and stored they have arrived once again to give us warmth and memories of when they were given to me each year and I added to them five years after that. They are called "Colonial Villages" and after the last one I purchased they made them in garish colors and tones that I just could not get used to. Thus the 10 I have will be the last of them collected.

I am hoping when I turn them over to my Daughter.....she enjoys them as much as I have and they will adorn her home as they have mine. Inside each home or building there is a note on when it was purchased or given and the "deed" as well. I'll keep adding a few things, trees, fencing and Tom found a tiny car with a tree on the top and its darling with everything.

I cherish my little Villages......and am so pleased we finally have them out for this Christmas. Each one brings a memory and warmth.