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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Pocket Letters.......

these are sooooooo much fun to make....simple, easy, small, quick and can be so much fun to trade with my sweet friend Donna in AZ.  We made a list for the year and we trade one every month.....and I find I am anxiously doing one right after another. I truly LOVE doing them.

As I truly love this woman as well. She and I are like paper and glue....meant to be and holding together for a lifetime! How lucky I was to have her warmth and hugs throughout last year and this one. She is a lovely soul....split-a-part from's like I have known her all my life, been waiting to meet her all my life.....and when I needed warmth the most...she swooped in and gave me a hug that I shall never, ever forget. She's a Godsend....and I love her so......a friend for life and beyond.
This is one of the Pocket Letters I did for her. Time was our theme.....and it was sooooooo much fun to create this for her.
So....with all of that goes so much fun and happy times making something that will make her smile and having so much fun creating. We embellish and bobble...we glue, crackle and paint....we glossy accent and stamp and distress. Then we add more and more until our creations are mailed off monthly and within days....what was on my desk and comes from my hands and heart....are on hers. We FT when we open them...or unless one of us just cant wait...(wink)...and see the other's face. She does the same for me and I am delighted by her talents and designs that are made just for me. So far we have done we'll go for six more to finish off the year.
Here is the time Pocket Letter she created for me. She's not been scrapping for very long and is so talented and so particular and precise when it comes to her designs. She's a great mini's are to die for!

These are easy and take whatever scraps and embellies you have. The pockets are 3.5"x2.5" and are shipped in a padded envelope. If you're looking for something fun and simple....for any occasion for a friend....they are simply the coolest thing.....they take no time at all and will bring a smile to anyone's face......try'll be hooked!
Thanks again for stopping by.......enjoy the rest of your safe, healthy and happy.

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  1. I loved reading what you wrote, but most of all.... I love YOU my 'Split Apart' from my soul, and found...... Never to be split again.....XXOO