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Monday, April 2, 2012

The little one......

last friday night....decided to come in from the yard and do the "Terrier Shuffle" as my hubby and I call it. This is an action that Bentley has done since he was a tiny puppy. It consists of him throwing his back legs behind him, one at a time....and the front of his body lifts up....its done for pure pleasure...(and showing off) and he's never had any problems with it before.....well not so fast.....:o(
This time for some reason he "shuffled" twice and we heard him screaming with pain. I though maybe he had caught a nail in the carpet or his knee cap had become disconneted. (Luxar Patella) is so common with these little guys. Upon examination and he being in definate pain, his hip was sunk in so far I figured his hip was "out of joint." Yikes!
So through a long night .....we arrived at the Vet's on Saturday morning and after a couple X-rays....discovered indeed it was completely out of socket. After a bit of gas and it manipulated right back into place....Mr. B. is sporting a fetching "sling" that will keep him "tri-podding" for a that little hip and very much not liking his situation that he caused himself.
Oh yes....the "boobin" has begun and is in full force.
A note to self......never do the "Terrier Shuffle again"....yeah that's ever going to happen...LOL
Thanks for stopping by and your concern....he will be fine...has great drugs...and has the Hub and I waiting on him....and he's enjoying that to the fullest...LOL....:o)

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