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Monday, April 2, 2012

I have been thinking lately......

of how to add warmth to our new home...soon to be finished in Boise.
I have scoured the pages of decor magazines and the internet and have decided that there are so many talented women with great idea and fabulous possibilities. I never really knew how many of us there were out there that just wanted to add some warmth to our homes and divide our days and time with doing so.
Women have hectic and as I like to call it "non-not-working" lives. But inbetween all that accompanies our day is that little bit of......"I need something to do creative and extra today....just for me." Whether you plan it with a friend to go "junque" shopping, "second hand store therapy" or antiqueing in some favor haunt...there are those of us that want to do nothing better than to revive something that one has tossed, disgaurded or abandon ...just waiting for us to make it come alive and worthy of being placed in our home and offer us that "ah" moment when we need it the most.
Most inventive is the woman that finds something to adorn her home and has been repurposed. I hope whatever you have to admire in your own home today, it offers you a smile and warmth after your day of hecticness and labor.
Thank so much for stopping by today.......please come back again.........

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