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Wednesday, February 8, 2017


Is just not for sweethearts, boyfriends or Hubby's.

I love making things for the Hubby....friends and my Grand babies and my Daughter on Valentine's Day.

So for a private party ........woman are gathering for smiles and laughter, words of wisdom and knowledge, talents and expressions......and most of all just good ole warmth from great ladies gathered together and having a good time.
With 15 of these done and wrapped and ready for tonight's party....I'm excited to get them into the hands of these great ladies.
The are "Loaded Envelopes"....and contain some small treasures of tags and cards.
Little bits and pieces of tattered laces, dyed seam binding, distressed and stamped.
Flowers and ribbons, trinkets and threads.
Crunched and bunched,  gathered together in an envelope.
Shattered and scattered bits and pieces........
Topping them with something sweet and pink and "Valentine-zee."
Simple things of scraps and quotes.......I really enjoyed making them and hopefully the ladies will enjoy them.
Have a wonderful Valentine's Day all........make something for someone you love and cherish.....or something that will bring a smile to one that excepts your efforts and talents as a gift of warmth. Women always should support and cherish each other....... It is what we is who we are.


  1. I'm so inspired by your ability to put things together, Jann, like these gorgeous ephemera bags! Were your ladies gaga over them? Question: Did you have these materials on hand? Having 15 of ea. looks like a daunting task! Could you post some process photos showing how youto s created these things? Do you have any left over to sell? Still praying for you. Blessings, Candi Zimmerman way down in So. California.

  2. sweet thang....:o)
    I do not have any of these things left over and I am sorry I did not take photos of them while I did them....was a bit rushed...they were just things I had collected but mostly they were all the same. I just thought about what the ladies could actually use and enjoy and threw them all together. I do not have any kits per say...but would love to put anything together that you might like or require.....please just let me know. I have been HORRID aout updating my blog and hope to get better at it. Just doing design for some clients and that keeps me hopping most days....but please please keep coming back......I promise to do better!
    Huggers from Idaho ear one......

  3. And always thank you for the care, prayers and warmth....I am feeling better and better....:o) Hugs