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Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Simple things.......

sometimes make the prettiest impressions.

They add flair and color with their simplicities.

Its so fun when you do with what you have to add flair and accent to your Holiday d├ęcor.

So when you think you need to search for the "perfect" thing to add to your holiday grace and beauty

Think again and out of the box......that always makes your home special and your smile a bit brighter.
                 Have a great holiday.......I hope for you 2017 is a great healthy and happy year.


  1. Hi Jann. Looking to purchase the Christmas Mini Album Tutorial? Tried to buy through PayPal but my a/c is New Zealand based. Can you invoice me through PayPal. Thanks, cheers, Jock.

  2. Jock.....not sure how to do that...but I will try and get back to you....
    Thanks so much,