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Saturday, November 14, 2015

While in AZ..............

I had the pleasure of having some "down time" with a couple great ladies I have become great friends with.....and one day/afternoon/night we scrapped and laughed and giggled and manage to get "something" done. Scrap booking is a very social thing for women and best spent the other night eating yummy chocolates and cutting dies....."I truly know the "Die Queen".....she exists and lives in a wonderland of dies and a room only few can even imagine and only a few will ever experience. It was truly "magical" for me.

So I cut and played with some dies and my new messy coffee cup ring stamp. My daughter had taken her children to the river for family photos and I couldn't resist making this fun and "messy" layout of her son Blake having such a good time.

I always find myself taking photos for my blog late at night when the lighting is so poor. Sorry for the "blurry-ness.
These two layouts actually look a bit "garish" with the gold but I assure you they are not. Its a blend from "grunge to gold" ...very "light" and cream.....and I really like the accents it throws into the layout.
Anyway.....finally getting back to doing things I love.....ripping, distressing, tearing, stamping....just "grunging" and designing.
Debbie.....thank you for letting me cut dies for hours upon hours....feeding me yummy snacks and that midnight show. LOVED IT ALL! Love you so......
And Donna dearest.....I love you...thanks for making all my trips to AZ. so much more enjoyable, tolerable and filled with laughter and forgotten stress.
Laughter is the best medicine.....It has healed me so.......

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