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Friday, May 15, 2015

Never fails......

I get tooooo busy and neglect my Blog.
I appreciate all the letters and Im's and the reminders from you all that I have not been around for some time.
My bad....just life....lots of orders......lawn and flower beds.....Daughter's B-Day...friends....Mother's Day....weddings...weddings and more weddings......just seriously life in general.....why when we are young do we wish for life to pass so quickly and when we get older.....that it flies by us so quickly....
So dear ones far and near..... I will leave you with the LOVE of my Daughter......and her two Minnons.....I send you thanks and warmth for hanging in there and having faith in my return...LOL.....indeed change is coming...lots of it....but that I cant really talk about right now.....but I will be back....:o)


  1. Hello Jann,
    You do not have to apologies. Family is more important. We blog for funs and when we can. Thank you for sharing a photo of your beautiful family. Blessings and enjoy your beautiful family.

  2. Hi Jann, I am sending you this message so you can send me a message. To let me know if the Christmas Mini Album Tutorial can still be down loaded? I purchased this tutorial and i could not down load actually i did not recieve it at all. I payed twice i was not sure if it had gone through at all through paypal. So as soon as you get this message can you please send me a message to how i can recieve my tutorial that i payed for. thanks jp

  3. What site do I visit to buy tutorials and kits?