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Tuesday, October 7, 2014


Getting back to my blog.....seems my time is not my own ....between wedding season that totally took up so much of my summer..... and classes and just life....time slips by very quickly!
So......florals....ahe yes! My hands are sore from rose thorns and making corsages....LOL....but never the less the Brickman and I have been finally getting around to a few things here at the "old homestead" know it as the new house....:o) We have had so much in storage and are just getting around to being able to get it out as the heat has subsided and we can get into our units.
I have done several painting projects for a few clients and have just not had time to work on our home. But did throw together over the weekend a small, simple wreath for our large front mirror in our entry. I love the Fall season.....its is my favorite time of year.....
It is very simple but gives us a bit of color for Fall. Then there's a few finds that are new and some that are not. Opening storage boxes that have packed for a few years is sometimes just like Christmas!
And then there is Mr. B. A few teeth missing and a happy camper glad that his dental appointment is over and done with....Minus 8 teeth...all in front....he is doing very well!
I'll try to be better about posting more frequently than the past few months. I have some fun classes coming up and a great Mini-Album for Halloween.....hang in there and thank you ALL so much for the mail.....I am alive and you be well and have a fabulous week!


  1. Hi Jann,
    Glad to hear from you and happy to hear you are doing well. Little Bentley is adorable. Good to hear he is also doing well. It is always fun to see what you have been up to, but I understand if you do not post as often, life is busy. : )
    Enjoy the Fall and all that is brings. I hope we will start to cool down here. I'm ready for it.
    Take care and blessings,
    Bobbie Lynn

  2. Thank you Bobbie.......:o)
    Hope all is going well for you and yours....Falls is upon us here and I am so enjoying it!
    Idaho Huggers!!!!