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Wednesday, March 20, 2013


We all have them....but really...what do you do to organize them?
I mean "really" organize them?.....I can't ever seem to find just exactly what I am looking for......but yet they abound and seem to grow daily in my room...LOL
Then I found this on Pinterest....(I think) .....and I thought it was a super good idea....can't wait to make these myself and add them to my craft room.....which by the way....after the move is stuffed full....but....I will be creating soon....and have just wanted so bad to get in there and start playing with paper again...:o)
So here is someone's wisdom in sorting scraps that you can easily find and keep more organzised than certainly mine are......;o)

I thought it would even be good to sort them in solids and patterns....but maybe after I get this going that wouldn't be neccessary....this might just do the trick....
Helpful hints....gotta love them!


  1. Hello Jann,
    I just cleaned out my box of scraps (it grows so fast). What a great way to organize left over papers. What I have done a few times is cut them into workable sizes for cards and give then to my church for their crafting. Hope all is well with you. Have a wonderful day.

    1. Bobby....thanks for your comment...great to hear from you...:o)

  2. I like this idea but I'd rather use bags. I think my papers would get too dusty! But ROYGBIV all the way!

    1. Your idea is great as well....thanks for the comment darlink!!!!!