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Monday, October 8, 2012

Pumpkins pleasures....................

With the fall air here in Idaho wrapping around us in the early mornings and lengthening our nights with just a slight crack of the window.....which makes for fabulous sleeping.....I have been back to my thoughts of remembering carving those Halloween Pumpkins with my sweet little daughter all dressed up in her Halloween outfit.
But looking through the net waves for the past few days....I have come across some incedible pumpkins that have great creativeness and Halloween spirit. Much different than those I carved when I was a child.

So enjoy them this morning....and remember with warmth...your carved pumpkins and that great  pleasure of picking out just the right one.....;o)
These pumpkins are very different than what I use to see.....but isn't it wonderfully fun that someone has taken it to the next level and done these amazing designs or taken them "into" an amazing design? All in all there are many varieties and many things people come up with to enhance a simple pumpkin......who would have thought of "blue" pumpkins? Or putting women's stockings around them them to add shape and interest.....painting?.....sculpting?....or a mask and a spider crown?....Isn't is fun and interesting to see how far pumpkins have come......I love them all...and commend their talented pumpkin creators....what a delightful way to spend a fall morning....with such talent-ly enhanced gourdes!
Thanks for stopping by.....enjoy your day.


  1. Beautiful photos of pumpkins and yes, we have come along way from those simple carved pumpkin faces. Wishing you a beautiful Fall season.

  2. Hello Jann,
    Thank you for stopping by my blog. I will ask my friend the name of the stamp. Have a wonderful day.

  3. It's me again and my friend just e-mailed me the infor on the stamp you inquired about. “The stamp with the tree and crows is called Crowscape (CRR131 by Stampendous, and is a cling stamp.  the stamp does not have a moon in it, She inserted the moon using a masking technique.  I punched out a circle using a yellow sticky note getting as much of the sticky part as possible.  She put the circle on the picture where she wanted the moon to be then I did the ink shading around it.  She bought this stamp on-line at Joanne's because they have such great sales.
    One more thing about the stamp with the crows, the length of it was artificially extended to match the length of the other two stamps.  I just extended the dark part at the bottom using black ink.”