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Monday, July 9, 2012

Prima class.....

Well mostly Prima......coming up soon....I'll post dates as soon as I get the time and place guys.....I'll text you if you already have signed up.......remember I am about to be a Grandma times "2" so hang in there....we'll see how it goes in scheduling........:o)
Thanks for stopping by......


  1. Jann -
    I would have emailed you but your comment went to no reply when I tried to answer. So I'm answering your question here. You asked how my potting bench creation was coming along. I posted this but you probably missed it. My Mom came to my house...saw the hutch and said she had to have it. So it went home with her. She wanted it for her breakfast room. Of course she's going to have to totally redo it.

    I can't say no to her so I am on the hunt for another one for me. That one was really a good deal - $50. I've got to find one for that little again.
    I just really wanted one right now...but it maybe be awhile now. Might be next year if I can't find the right one.

    Thanks for asking!

  2. Another gorgeous mini. Love your work. Hope you will be able to share the book when your class is over. Good luck on your chair hunt.